Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Everyone Plays a Role

Every employee, manager and physician at every Lifespan hospital plays a vital role in realizing Lifespan's mission of providing customer friendly, geographically accessible and high value services to the communities we serve. Essential to achieving this mission is Lifespan's continuous commitment to conduct its business activities in an ethical manner. As such, knowledge of and continued adherence to the Lifespan Corporate Compliance Program is of the utmost importance.

The Lifespan Corporate Compliance Program is a system-wide initiative consisting of a code of conduct, general compliance policies, internal monitoring, employee training and an employee response line. Designed to minimize Lifespan's risk of violating federal and state regulations, the Corporate Compliance Program addresses issues from billing and claims, to patient confidentiality, to employees' rights. These policies and standards are not a new philosophy of complying with the law, but rather a daily reminder of Lifespan's commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Suspected violations can be confidentially reported without fear of retaliation by:

Guide to Corporate Compliance at Lifespan

Download and print the Lifespan Code of Conduct brochure for more information about the program and reporting a violation. This brochure was created to educate all Lifespan employees about the program and the importance of reporting any issues related to corporate compliance.

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