Welcome to LifespanLink

LifespanLink is a web-based portal that allows community providers to view their patients’ clinical information in a read-only format, including medications, allergies, notes, problems and test/treatment results.

LifespanLink can also provide real-time notifications to providers based on specific triggers, including visits to a Lifespan emergency department, admission and discharge to and from a Lifespan hospital, and new lab results. Additionally, LifespanLink allows providers to make referrals to departments within Lifespan.

If you are a health care provider whose patients are treated in a Lifespan facility, LifespanLink will help you stay apprised of your patients’ care with the most up-to-date clinical information.

From physicians to nurses, from skilled nursing facility admission coordinators to home care staff and office managers, LifespanLink provides the necessary information about patients’ care.

LifespanLink allows you to:

  • See your patients’ Lifespan records
  • View notifications of ED visits, inpatient stays, discharge, lab results and more at Lifespan facilities
  • Send messages for Lifespan providers who saw your patient
  • Send referral requests to Lifespan

Requesting a LifespanLink Account for Your Group

1. Please start your request via the LifespanLink Portal.

2. Once the request is received, a Lifespan representative will contact you about the next steps in the setup process.

See a step-by-step walkthrough for requesting new sites and users »

See a step-by-step walkthrough for existing site administrators »

LifespanLink Set-up and Training

After your onboarding package has been received and processed, you will be able to access LifespanLink. 

See a step-by-step walkthrough for first-time users and get additional training materials »

About LifeChart

LifespanLink is part of LifeChart, Lifespan's online health record. LifeChart is a single electronic medical record for each of our patients. Information from all of a patient’s Lifespan health care providers will be available in that record—facilitating diagnoses and treatment planning; ensuring continuity of care; and increasing patient safety.