Gateway Healthcare
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Rights of Research Participants

If you are asked to participate in research while you are receiving services through Gateway, you also have the following rights

1. to be informed of the reason you are being asked to participate in this particular research;

2. to be informed of the treatment being proposed;

3. to be informed of which elements of the proposed treatment are considered research or part of a clinical trial;

4. to be informed of benefits to be expected;

5. to be informed of any potential discomforts and risks;

6. to be informed of alternative services that may benefit you;

7. to be informed of the procedures to be followed, especially those that are experimental in nature;

8. to be informed of how the research will address your privacy, confidentiality, and safety; and

9. to refuse to participate in any research project without compromising your access to Gateway’s services.

If you would like a copy of your rights at any time during treatment, please ask your clinician or any other staff member.